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Gum Grafting in Pleasant View and Ogden, UT

Gum Grafting in Pleasant View, UTIn cases of extreme gum recession, it might be necessary to visit Dr. Willard W. Maughan for a gum graft procedure in Pleasant View, UT. This is a procedure in which tissue is borrowed from one area of the mouth and attached to the gum line in order to raise it a healthier level. There are many reasons why a gum graft procedure might be recommended. If you are experiencing sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures, this could be a sign that your root has become exposed and vulnerable to harmful bacteria. Otherwise, gum recession might simply be a case of cosmetic concern. At this point you might be wondering, “does gum grafting hurt?” Before we can answer this, it is important to understand how the procedure is performed.

How is a gum graft procedure performed?

A gum graft procedure involves the borrowing of tissue from one area and attaching it to the gum line with sutures. Over time, the tissue and the gum will heal together and form a healthier gum line that is better able to protect your teeth. There are three separate methods in which a gum graft procedure can be performed. During a connective tissue graft, Dr. Maughan will cut a skin flap from the roof of your mouth so that tissue can be taken from beneath the flap. A free gingival is graft is similar, except that the tissue is taken from the roof of your mouth without cutting a skin flap. A pedicle graft is different, in that a skin flap is cut from the gum line and stretched so that it covers a larger portion of the tooth.

Does gum grafting hurt?

The first question that most patients have is, “does gum grafting hurt?” This depends on the extent of the surgery as well as your level of pain tolerance. You can expect some minor tenderness for up to one month. It is recommended that you limit your diet to mostly softer foods during the first week to prevent damaging your stitches. In most cases, Dr. Maughan will recommend an anti-inflammatory medication to combat any pain and swelling that might occur. If you would like to discuss the details of a gum graft procedure, contact our offices and schedule your consultation today!
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