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Tooth and Bone Loss in Pleasant View and Ogden, UT
Gum Disease and Tooth and Bone Loss Pleasant View, UTAs a leading provider of Ogden periodontics, Dr. Willard W. Maughan has seen the effects of advanced gum disease. Once the infection reaches the later stages, symptoms may become so severe that tooth and bone loss can occur. This happens when bacteria eat away at the deeper levels of tissue and begin to affect the jawbone and structures that support your teeth. Loosing teeth can alter your life in significant ways.

Tooth Loss Can Affect Your Diet

When advanced gum disease eats away at the supporting bone and tissue structures, your teeth can become loose or misaligned. This makes it difficult to eat certain foods that require a strong biting force. Many patients respond by avoiding these foods and sticking mostly to softer items. The problem occurs when this diet fails to satisfy your nutritional requirements. Conditions such as malnutrition or indigestion are common in these cases.

Tooth Loss Can Affect Your Speech

There are certain letter sounds that require tongue to tooth contact in order to come to life. When advanced gum disease causes tooth loss, these sounds become difficult and even impossible to pronounce. Patients who have lost teeth often develop an embarrassing lisp that makes it difficult to communicate through speech.

Tooth and Bone Loss Can Cause Pain

When teeth and bone are lost during the advanced gum disease stages, the remaining teeth can begin to shift. This occurs when there is no natural support system to hold them in place. When your teeth and jaw become misaligned, the force of your bite is not distributed properly which can displace the pressure to areas that are not designed to handle this force. In these cases, it is quite common for patients to experience a lasting pain in the mouth, head, or neck areas.

Bone Loss Can Enhance Signs of Aging

When your jawbone begins to deteriorate, your facial structures can become drastically altered. The most noticeable effects are in the cheeks and lips. Without a bony support system, these areas can begin to “sink in” to your face and age your appearance greatly.

While the early stages of gum disease may seem harmless and unobtrusive, advanced gum disease can have devastating effects on your daily routine. In order to prevent tooth and bone loss, seek the expert Ogden periodontic care of Dr. Maughan. Contact our offices to schedule your consultation today!
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