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Dangers of Gum Disease in Pleasant View and Ogden, UT

Dangers of Gum Disease Pleasant View, UT

When left untreated, gum disease causes serious harm to both your oral and physical health. This occurs when the infectious bacteria in your mouth eat away at your gum tissue and cause inflammation and bone loss. When the inflamed gums begin to bleed, bacteria can find their way into the bloodstream and relocate to other parts of the body. As a leading Ogden periodontist, Dr. Willard W. Maughan is well trained in the treatment of gum disease. Contact our offices as soon as you notice the first signs of infection.

What are the most common gum disease causes?

Gum disease causes can be both wide and diverse; however it most often occurs as a result of poor oral hygiene. When teeth do not receive proper cleaning and maintenance, particles of food and bacteria can collect and eventually cause an infection. The problem only worsens if it is ignored. Over time, the infection can spread and infect the deeper levels of periodontal tissue.

Gum disease can also be increased by risk factors such as diabetes and pregnancy. Patients with diabetes are more at risk for disease because their immune systems have become inhibited. Pregnant women are also vulnerable to gum infection because of the sudden change in hormone levels.

What dangers does gum disease pose to my oral health?

Gum disease causes your gum tissues to detach from the teeth. This is dangerous because it leaves the teeth with less tissue to protect them from harmful bacteria. Over time, the infection can cause severe damage to the underlying bone and tissue structures that hold your teeth in place. Problems such as loose teeth or misalignment can occur as a result. In more severe cases, there is a strong possibility of tooth loss.

What dangers does gum disease pose to my physical health?

Gum disease can affect your body in several direct and indirect ways. In cases where gum disease causes tooth loss, your diet may become restricted. This can lead to problems such as malnutrition or weight loss. In a more direct sense, gum disease can lead to an increased risk of heart disease, stroke, and arthritis, among many other conditions. For more information on the dangers of gum disease, call us today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Maughan, your Ogden, UT periodontist!
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