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Dental Implant Consultation in Pleasant View and Ogden, UT
When you come in for your dental implant consultation with Dr. Willard W. Maughan, you will more than learn about your dental implant cost in Logan, UT. This is an opportunity for you to discuss the specifics of the procedure and any concerns that you might have. In order to help you prepare for your dental implant consultation, here is a brief outline of what will occur:

Examination and X-Rays

During the first portion of your dental implant consultation, Dr. Maughan will examine your teeth and gums to ensure that you are in adequate health to undergo dental implant surgery. We will determine if your bone density is sufficient by taking x-rays and scans of your mouth that help us plot the exact location for your dental implants.

Discussing the Specifics

Based on what we discover from the examination and x-rays, Dr. Maughan will determine your best options for permanent tooth replacement. There are several different types of dental implants available on the market today and each one has a different use. For example, an implant supported bridge is great for patients with two or more consecutive missing teeth while the All-on-4™ method is best for those with low bone density. The type that works best for you will depend upon your condition as well as your specific preferences.

Question and Answer

During the final portion of your dental implant consultation, you will be given an opportunity to ask any questions or voice any concerns that you may have. In order to make this a valuable experience, we recommend that you do some research prior to the meeting to enhance your knowledge on the subject of dental implants. You will be given the opportunity to ask specific questions regarding insurance coverage and your dental implant cost in Logan, UT. To schedule your dental implant consultation with Dr. Maughan, contact us today!

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